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Scirocco-Desert Wind


Spirited Spanish dances, fiery flamenco,
and inspirational fast paced original
works make this first album by the duo
an incredible listening experience for
everyone who enjoys classical and
flamenco guitar at its upbeat best.

Instrumentation: Two guitars.




An exotic blend of Spanish, Latin-American, Middle-eastern, East Indian, and Eastern European music. This eclectic album includes the Benedetti/Svoboda duo with other talented musicians who play dumbek, sitar, congas, and various world percussion instruments.

Instrumentation: Two guitars & Band.



Flamenco Dreams

The debut album for DOMO records brings to the world of music a cross-cultural celebration of flamenco guitar. From peaceful, soulful expressions to fiery, impassioned rumbas, Benedetti & Svoboda meld Spanish flamenco flair with Southwest Nouveau flamenco nuance.

Instrumentation: Two guitars & percussion.


Spanish Gardens

An exciting eclectic mix of virtuoso guitar music in a variety of styles and moods. Like a beautiful Spanish garden, the seperate musical colors of flamenco puro, flamenco nouveau, classical, and middle-eastern are mixed together to create a brilliant masterpiece.

Instrumentation: Two guitars , two guitars & percussion, two guitars and band.


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